Famous People Who Look Like Potatoes (You Won't Believe #1!)

Famous people are by their very nature beautiful human specimens, flawless and exceptional when compared with the plebian masses. But some famous people really do look like potatoes. Here is our top five (you won’t believe number 2!)


Scarlett Johansson

Famous for playing the Black Widow in the Avengers movies, Scarlett comes in at number 5 famous people who look like potatoes.

What an absolute munter!

Despite falling out of the ugly tree when she was a baby and hitting every branch on the way down, Scarlett has been able to rely on her acting talent to carry her through a successful career in Hollywood movies.

Scarlett proves that the shallow movie industry isn’t all about glamour and good looks. Never mind Scarlett, if the acting dries up, you can always get a job scaring crows off farmer’s fields!



King Edward VII

Good old King Edward VII who was coronated in 1902 may not look much like a potato (well, maybe a bit) but he is one of the few monarchs to have been named after a potato!

‘Face like a bulldog chewing a wasp’

King Edward was born King Sheeran but changed his name when he became king because the King Edward potato had just been invented. While we can’t say for sure, it’s safe to assume that the King Edward potato was one of King Edward’s favourite potatoes, though he was also probably partial to a nice Maris Piper.



Ed Sheeran

No list of famous people who look like potatoes would be complete without including the man who invented the potato look, Ed Sheeran.

What’s taters precious?

Ed looks so much like a potato that he is often mistaken for one when walking down the street. In an interview with NME, Sheeran jovially told of the time an old lady mistook him for a Jewel Yam at a natural produce market. Not only did she offer a nearby seller 20p to buy the world-famous singer but the seller, mistaking Sheeran for one of her organically grown products, attempted to pop him in a brown paper bag. “It wasn’t until the little old lady got me home and tried to put me in the fridge that I was able to get a word in edgeways and reveal my true identity.”

Thankfully everyone saw the funny side, though Sheeran noted, “I think that lady who sold me still has the 20p. I hope she spends it sensibly!”



A Potato

When it comes to looking like a potato, nothing beats a potato. And, let’s not forget, potatoes are probably even more famous than Ed Sheeran.

The Great British Potato

Who hasn’t heard of, eaten or talked at length about potatoes. So here at number 2, in honourary position but not quite top spot, is the humble spud.



Mister Potato Head

Not only does he resemble a potato, but his name is even named after all the potatoes! For this reason alone, Mister Potato Head belongs firmly in the number one slot for famous people who look like potatoes.

Face like a smacked ass

Mister Potato Head languished in the celebrity Z list until Disney gave him a chance and cast him as a lead in the movie, Toy Story. The Hollywood blockbuster propelled Mister Potato Head to stratospheric levels of fame, but fame was not kind to our rotund friend.

Unused to the limelight and huge quantities of money, Mister Potato Head famously sank into a personal Hell of drink, drugs and women. He found notoriety as one of Hollywood’s fallen royalty when he was arrested on DUI charges in 2007.

But since those dark days, Mister Potato Head has turned his life around after a series of rehab visits and personal revelations. In 2015 he came out as gay following a very public split from then wife and fellow potato-resembler Kate Winslet. Since then he has appeared in numerous Toy Story sequels and a handful of low-budget, fringe-fetish porn productions.

We wish Mister Potato Head and all the other celebrities in this list all the very best and congratulate them on making our lives that little bit brighter by resembling potatoes.


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