Ed Sheeran Accused of Being Ginger; Denies Rumours

Shockwaves rippled through the music business yesterday when Ed Sheeran, one of pop’s most iconic figures, was accused by R&B legend, Beyonce Knowles of ‘being a ginger’.

Sheeran, who has had a string of successes with hits like Lego House and Drunk, vehemently denied the accusations but friends and family close to the dishevelled singer have hinted that the rumours are true and that they have known for a long time.

Ed Sheeran denies the rumours

“Ed has always been secretly ginger,” estranged cousin twice removed Haggis Sheeran told the Daily Shunt. “We all knew it, but nobody ever said anything because he’s been paying us to keep our mouths shut. Personally I think it will do him good to come out of the closet and I’ve got enough cash now to live comfortably in my Malibu loft apartment so I’m not bothered about outing him.”

Sheeran’s agent refused to give comment yesterday but those close to the scruffy crooner say that he is ‘quietly fuming’ over the allegations and, in a statement to fans on his official website, he has adamantly denied the rumours.

Smells funny

Knowles, who famously said ‘if you like it then you’d better put a ring on it’, a reference to J R R Tolkien’s epic Lord of the Rings saga, refused to back down. In a tweet yesterday, which was given the thumbs up by thousands of her adoring fans, Knowles stated that Sheeran was ‘hiding behind a lie’ and urged him to come clean ‘for the sake of music and the fans’.

A government spokesperson today demanded answers, saying “if this is true then Mr Sheeran needs to present himself to a local police station as soon as possible.”

We will bring you more as the story develops.

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