Gamers Horrified as Covid 19 Spreads to Minecraft Realms

The gaming community was left reeling today after game developer Mojang announced that C19 has now spread to most online Minecraft worlds.

Scientists and programmers are still unsure how Covid 19, which has caused global panic in recent weeks, managed to infect the digital realm of Minecraft, but tests now confirm that a number of villagers, creepers and zombies are carriers and that player avatars are at considerable risk of contracting the disease.

Mojang’s development team at today’s press conference

Players in the Minecraft world are being urged to self-isolate in small wooden plank houses and to avoid monster infested mines. In a press release, Mojang offered the following advice:

“Even a diamond sword will not protect you from the virus which we believe is being spread by creepers, infecting naturally spawning villagers and some zombies. We released a patch update on Wednesday to combat the infection but this just caused everyones’ game to crash, which to be honest, is par for the course with us. We don’t really know what we’re doing anymore.”


Gareth French, a 38 year old player whose character, Fifi9000xxx, resembles a green spaceman with a black square for a head, told the Daily Shunt what isolation in Minecraft feels like.

“It’s not much different to real life to be honest. I haven’t been outside in years. If I do go out I’m so Vitamin D deficient I need to wear factor 300 suncream. I get sunburn in my living room.”

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