Covid-19 Reveals Cheeky Sense of Humour as Harvey Weinstein Infected Without Consent

Covid 19 has displayed a mischievious sense of irony by invading the body of hideously ugly virus and movie magnate, Harvey Weinstein as he serves a 23 year prison sentence for rape.

In a statement released on Sunday, Weinstein complained that he had not given consent for the virus to enter his body and appealed for help. As his pleas were met with overwhelming disinterest from the general public, those who accused Weinstein were quick to draw attention to the sublime irony of his predicament.

Professional dirtbag Harvey Weinstein heads into court with a zimmer frame as if anyone cares

“We didn’t give our consent and we begged for help but nobody would listen. I don’t usually believe in karma but it’s difficult not to suspect the universe is having a big laugh in this case,” one victim told a national newspaper.

Weinstein (67), whose name sounds a bit like wine stain and who many hoped would be on the receiving end of a shiv within hours of entering the prison system, was sentenced to 23 years on five counts including rape, sexual criminal act and predatory sexual assault.

The insidious movie mogul has been described as a bully and a ‘tosspot’ but these are not criminal offences in the United States and are, in fact, widely encouraged in many sectors of American society.


The Coronavirus, thus far the villain in an unfolding apocalypse narrative, was applauded as a loveable rogue after seeking out the overweight mogul in his prison cell and entering his body without his consent.

Publicist for the virus, Max Forester, is said to be overjoyed by the news. “We really needed this. Covid 19 has been a really tough client. You don’t really see much positive press. Hopefully people will read about this and realise that the Coronavirus isn’t all bad.”

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