Governments Urge Citizens Not to go to Mariana Trench to Escape Coronavirus

World leaders today urged people not to travel unecessarily to the Mariana Trench in a bid to escape the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Trench, which lies on the bed of the Pacific Ocean and delves to depths of 10,984 metres, or 36,037 ft, is one of the largest known undersea canyons on Earth. People hoping to self-isolate from the Coronavirus have purportedly been turning up at the trench in droves in a bid to find somewhere on the planet that isn’t affected.

The Mariana Trench is yet to test positive for the Coronavirus

Oceanographer Glynn Williams, a world leading expert on undersea trenches, has welcomed the news. “It’s ridiculous. Everyone is being told to stay at home but instead they’re swarming to the middle of the Pacific Ocean, which really isn’t set up to handle the kind of numbers we’re talking about.”

The Mariana Trench is just one of several global landmarks which have been overwhelmed in recent days by self-isolators looking for somewhere to go while they self-isolate.

Welsh ministers have been considering the introduction of legal powers which could force the unprecedented number of self-isolators who have descended on Welsh hills to stay away.

Barry Island on Saturday reported ‘thousands of self-isolators arriving in coaches’

A spokesman said today, “as they remain at home and try to slow the spread of the virus, a lot of self isolators have decided to break the monotony by travelling hundreds of miles and joining thousands of other people in the same location to look at hills, sometimes travelling by coach.”

Snowdonia enjoyed its busiest day on Saturday as literally everyone arrived at the national park. In their efforts to selflessly support key workers who are putting their lives at risk on the frontline in the fight against the virus, self-isolators are said to have enjoyed the fresh air and bustling atmosphere of the famous landmark.

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