#MeToo Movement Accuses Alien Facehugger of ‘Predatory Behaviour’

The alien facehugger is the latest in a string of high profile celebrities to be accused of non-consensual predatory behaviour by the #MeToo movement.

The facehugger, who first appeared in the 1979 science fiction movie, Alien, has denied the accusations, but the movement, which was instrumental in putting professional scumbag and ‘octopus hands’ movie mogul, Harvey Weinstein behind bars, today demanded an official investigation as the list of victims coming forward continues to grow.

Weinstein – acid for blood

Sigourney Weaver (70), a Golden Globes award nominee and Bafta winner, triggered controversy when she wrote on her Twitter feed yesterday:

“I was a naive kid when I filmed Alien. The facehugger was in the same boat, so I was able to ignore most of his advances. But by the time I came to film Aliens the facehugger was a superstar. He had status and power and his constant physical attention became a lot harder to avoid.”

The septuagenarian actress, who fans are describing as ‘incredibly brave’, went on to describe a time during the filming of the Alien sequel when the facehugger made a particularly predatory approach:

“I was in my dressing room, sitting in front of a big mirror with bulbs around it, when the door opened and the facehugger came in. He just launched himself at me without warning. I won’t describe what he tried to do, but suffice to say I kept my mouth firmly shut and was able, after quite a struggle, to fend him off.”

Sigourney Weaver – brave

The tweet prompted an avalanche of replies including many from other actors and actresses who had similar stories to tell.

Al Matthews (75), who played Sergeant Apone in the second Aliens movie, said, “I’m sitting here in my underpants, crying. The exact same thing happened to me on the same set. I tried to report the facehugger and producers told me that I either ‘played ball’ or found myself a new job. Most of the scenes you see me in on Aliens I’m forcing back tears.”

The alien facehugger, which has acid for blood and lives to kill and kills to live, was unavailable for comment today, but a lawyer acting on behalf of the famous extra terrestrial said, “the facehugger is outraged by these claims which he refutes as false and inflammatory.”

Meanwhile the list of those who claim they were also assaulted by the facehugger continues to grow, with some even claiming they are the illegitimate children of non-consensual encounters with the otherworldly creature.

William Webb, a quietly spoken 55 year old from Aberdeenshire, said in a reply to Weaver’s original Tweet, “the facehugger forced itself upon my mother, a well known actress whom I shall not name, suffice to say she appeared in at least one Alien movie. Unfortunately, my mother died giving birth to me, but she left me a letter which described the encounter. She was quite open about who the father was. I have lived with that knowledge my whole life.”

‘Bill’ Webb – prejudice

Webb, who claims he is unable to find work as a children’s entertainer because of his unusual physical appearance (which he blames on his father), went on to say, “the more people who come forward the better. Don’t be ashamed to stand up and be counted.”

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