Fears for Cluedo Mansion Residents During Self-Isolation

Fears for residents of the infamous Cluedo mansion have been voiced by police as the house dubbed ‘murder central’ goes into isolation during the Coronavirus outbreak.

The mansion’s six occupants, among them a university professor, a member of the clergy and a retired military colonel, have insisted they are well and safe after going into lock-down last Monday.


Speaking on the phone, Professor Plum said, “we are all doing well. Mrs White has been getting daily exercise skipping in the Conservatory with the rope and Reverend Green is polishing the candlestick in the billiards room. This is a very big house so we’re able to social distance responsibly and, so far, with no mishaps.”

The Cluedo mansion, which has been at the heart of more murder investigations than any other property in the world, joined the country-wide lock down last Monday on the guidance of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“So far nobody has veered off toward the cellar,” Professor Plum was able to confirm. “Though Mrs Peacock keeps nodding sagely, crossing things out and smiling to herself. We’re monitoring the situation.”

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