5 of Today’s Best April Fools Japes Which You Probably Missed

Amidst the Coronavirus crisis, few brands have been brave (or stupid) enough to attempt an April Fools joke. Google, usually a front runner in playing seasonal pranks on its users, said it would not be participating this year due to the ‘gravity’ of the global pandemic situation.

However, The Daily Shunt’s own piss-poor attempt notwithstanding, some courageous souls have taken a stab at a bit of April tom-Foolery and we thought we’d salute their dedication to keeping the laughs alive.

5 English Channel Renamed European Channel

Radio Exe, Exeter’s local radio station, took the plunge and trolled the Brexit brigade with news that the English Channel was to be renamed the European Channel.

Several Brexiteers exploded like over-toasted Poptarts upon hearing the news

The article (which was also Tweeted) said ‘Naming rights are subject to European Article 0104, which means the French get to choose how the waters will appear on maps from next year. They’ve decided on ‘European Channel’, saying it shows their commitment to Europe; although sources close to the French Republic say they’d really prefer it to be called the French Sea.’

Most readers were not taken in, unfortunately, but Radio Exe gets fifth place for at least giving it a good old go.

4 Dublin Fire Brigade Engine Mask

Dublin Fire Brigade risked a cheeky dig at the Coronavirus by putting a facemask on one of its fire engines. Posting a picture on Twitter, the Fire Brigade said:

The mask which will provide ‘freshly filtered air’

‘Big thanks to @AerLingus for the safe delivery of specialist ‘truck-mask’ PPE for our fire appliances. They will help provide fresh filtered air to the engine and cab. Remember wash your hands often, stay at home, and maintain a 2 metre distance if you have to go to the shop.’

The jolly jest raised a few smiles but failed to achieve ‘spaghetti tree’ levels of April Fools infamy.

3 RSPB Fake Bird

Generally a poor attempt here and literally fooling no one, but we’ve put this at number 3 because the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds are a good lot and the charity deserves more recognition.

2 Tower of London Raving Beefeaters

Stepping up to the plate and shrugging off calls for everyone to remain extremely serious in these very difficult times, the Tower of London (of all places) threw on its party hat with this fun April Fools about raving Beefeaters.

We’re actually very disappointed this isn’t true

1 Kim Jaejoong Tells Fans, I Have Coronavirus

No we have no idea who Kim Jaejoong is either, but apparently he’s (wait, she’s?) big in K-Pop (whatever that is). Whoever they are, they have size twelve feet and planted one right in the shit this morning by telling their 1.9 million Instagram followers they have the Coronavirus, only to then reveal the whole thing was an incredibly inappropriate April Fool.

Jaejong’s publicist was clearly still in bed at the time

Jaejong, who has since deleted the post and is engaging in some serious damage control by claiming the joke was simply intended as a ‘way to raise awareness’ clearly is unaware that the world is quite aware enough thankyou very much.

Jaejong goes straight to number one for the simple reason that he/she is either the thickest celebrity on Earth or has the biggest set of brass balls. Either deserve some recognition we think.

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