April Fool Joke Goes Horribly Wrong – Results in Death

The Daily Shunt today attempted an April Fool’s joke which went horribly wrong. The jape, which was intended to merely drum up publicity for Britain’s fastest growing news satire website, turned sour and resulted in the death of The Daily Shunt.

Known for its irreverent humour and tongue-in-cheek celebrity articles, The Daily Shunt stands accused of failing to be funny in this instance, leaving regular fans and readers stumped as to what the joke might be, or even if a punchline existed.

One of the images used on the offensive article and described as being ‘in very poor taste’

“The joke just wasn’t clear,” regular reader Jo Higgins told the Daily Shunt, “it was way too ambitious and I didn’t really understand it. I couldn’t figure out if the article was describing a joke they’d attempted or was the joke itself. I felt it fell flat either way. To be honest I haven’t found any of their stuff funny. Not since the Harry Potter article. Time to close up shop I think.”


The Daily Shunt, which has lived on the internet for just two weeks and garnered a hardcore base of loyal fans in the meantime, is widely regarded as being ‘not as funny as it used to be’, with long time readers noticing a significant slump in the standard of humour.

“When it first started two weeks ago it was fresh and sharp,” Daily Shunt fan Angus Argyle told the Daily Shunt, “but things have started to go downhill over a prolonged period of time.”

Emma Watson – ‘unavailable for comment’ today

“They’ve sold out frankly and no longer care about grass root fans like me. This latest April Fools debacle just clinches it for me. I will be unliking their page and seeking my daily dose of hilarious, offensive and alternative-comedy news spoofs elsewhere. Their articles are too long too.”

One of the Daily Shunt’s many fictional experts, Peter Gill, explained, “the Daily Shunt has reached what we in the business call ‘peak flow’. They’ve burned themselves out by publishing all their funniest stuff early on, leaving nothing for established fans to get their teeth into later.”


“It’s sad, but the best thing we can do for the Daily Shunt now is to put it down like a lame horse at Ascot. A shotgun shell to the temple, or some kind of sexually motivated self-asphyxiation ‘accident’ perhaps. It worked for Heath Ledger.”

Some supermarket shelves have been directly affected by the joke

As a direct result of the latest April Fool’s fiasco the Daily Shunt will be closing its ten Canary Wharf offices, laying off approximately one hundred and thirty nine freelance satirists plus the guy who captions pictures.

Daily Shunt CEO Crispin Fortnightly Esq. said in a press release today, “we were inspired to create the Daily Shunt as massive fans of alternative comedy heroes like Rik Mayall (RIP), Rowan Atkinson, French & Saunders, Ade Edmundson and Ben Elton. We wanted to bring a different brand of comedy to the masses using WordPress and our limited knowledge of social media marketing.”

Heroes of Comedy – Ben Elton and Rowan Atkinson in Vicar of Dibley

“However, it all went horribly wrong and we now deeply regret the obvious offence caused by our short sighted April Fool’s joke.”

The joke appeared in an article about how the Daily Shunt’s shortsighted April Fool’s joke went badly awry and led to the death of the Daily Shunt.

Fortnightly went on, “we were going for a sort of Inceptions, meta-joke thing; a joke layered within a joke layered within a joke, if you will. We thought our readers would ‘get it’, but it turned out to be too surreal and back-fired. We have learned a very valuable lesson.”


Daily Shunt editor Jimmy ‘Squeaky Toy’ Jones said, “it was fun while it lasted but we all knew it was only a two week thing. I’m not bothered. I’ll go back to my job as a Tarzan-a-gram. At least I’ll get paid then. It’ll be a relief not to face the daily uphill climb of typos, grammatical errors and body odour.”

Meanwhile several writers have reassured fans that their work can still be viewed online. “I’m going back to working for minimum wage and all the baked beans I can eat at The Poke,” writer, Henry Utensil told the Daily Shunt, “Gary over there is going back to writing listicles for Yahoo! because he wants a pension. Jim will return to his freelance gig with the Daily Mail. He says it’s easier to make shit up for them anyway. They don’t expect you to be funny so long as you live in a moral vacuum.”

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