Trump Stumped – Gets Hump as C19 Cases Jump

Donald Trump experienced what many alcoholics traditionally refer to as ‘a moment of clarity’ this week when he realised the deadly Coronavirus disease, which today claimed the highest number of American lives, is not simply going to go away.

Trump, who relies on Twitter and a series of nonsensical self-aggrandising press conferences, to get his message to the American people has been left stumped as the Coronavirus routinely appears to ignore his blind positivity and lies, spreading through the population like a California wildfire.

As data compiled by John Hopkins University put today’s US death toll at over 4,080, Trump – visibly shaken – stepped up to the podium and addressed the nation with a groundbreaking admission of truth.

There was no spin, no self-congratulating, no denials or swollen narcissism. Just Trump, isolated in his idiocy and exposed for the political hack he is.


“We’re going to go through a very tough two weeks,” he told news reporters at a packed conference, stammering his words. “As a nation, we face a difficult few weeks as we approach that really important day when we will see things get better.”

Dr Anthony Fauci has been routinely ignored by the President

Drs. Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx, Trump’s health experts and two individuals in whom he has, until now, shown very little conviction, have predicted as many as 2.2 million American deaths if stricter efforts are not made to control the spread of Covid-19.

Fauci has called for ‘universal cooperation’ from Americans and, unlike the ever polly-anna Trump, sees no two week end to the outbreak, instead forecasting many months of hardship for the American people.

Trump’s ‘moment of clarity’ comes as New York – now a veritable ghost town – opened the first of a number of planned emergency hospitals in Central Park designed to cope with the alarming rise of medical emergencies.

A ‘field hospital’ is being constructed in New York’s Central Park

New York has become an epicentre for the disease, with a population whose memories of 9/11 remain as fresh as healing scar tissue now facing yet another crisis. The death toll from the Coronavirus has officially exceeded that of 9/11, a deeply disturbing fact for every American citizen.

US infection rates now account for 14% of those worldwide, despite Americans representing only 2% of the global population. The grim statistic shows the stark and terrible result of a Presidency committed to treating the potential fate of its nation with disbelief, denial and contempt.


Political analyst Keith Gill explained how Trump, who still continues to ignore social distancing guidelines, was finally ready to flip-flop on Covid-19 after initially claiming the virus would ‘die out’ in the spring and repeatedly insisting ‘things are going really well’.

Gill explained, “this week the usual stoic nonsense is replaced by the first signs of panic. Trump is staring into the abyss of an unprecedented peace-time crisis on a scale greater than anything his predecessors faced. When the dust settles, history will judge him.”

“He knows, just as every sensible-thinking American knows, that he didn’t act quickly enough or take this seriously enough. Too much time was wasted grandstanding, harrumphing and demanding member states bow to his supreme ego.”

“He saw the virus as another opportunity to plug his brand and I suspect he even believed his own rhetoric would be enough to make the disaster simply go away.”

“Trump is learning the hard way that viruses are as a-political as his presidency is immoral.”

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