New Study Suggests We May All Still be Watching Inception

The results of a scientific study by the Institute for Rational Thought suggests we may all be living in a lucid dream as we sleep through the last hour of the movie, Inception.

The study, which examined the nature of reality and scientific proposals that we are all living in some kind of elaborate virtual reality, found that there is a very high possibility that we are still on the couch in front of the TV having fallen asleep during the film.


The Christopher Nolan movie, Inception, which explores the concept of inserting an idea into the head of a sleeping person by infiltrating their dreams, was released in 2010 which means we may not be living in 2020 after all.

Are we all currently asleep right now?

“Some of us might still be at the cinema,” lead researcher, Izzy Collis said, “others could be snoring away on their couch or at a friend’s house while the movie is on the telly. We can’t be one hundred percent conclusive in our findings, but the odds are extremely high that this is the case and that the current year is 2010 and people still think Inception is cutting edge cinema.”


Scientist and teacher of philosophy at Harvard University, Doctor Lucas Taylor said of the study, “what’s disturbing about this is that, if we are all experiencing this collective lucid dream during Inception, are we ourselves being incepted right now?”

“And if we are, what idea is being planted into our heads and why? Could it be that the movie Inception was purposefully boring enough to send us to sleep, incepting us with the idea that we can be incepted while putting us in a position where we can be incepted?”

An iconic scene from the movie Inception

Doctor Taylor went on to say, “one could say that the Institute for Rational Thought itself might be incepting the idea that we’re all asleep in front of Inception, since this is the subject coming under scrutiny.”

“Or, perhaps, you guys writing this article are trying to incept the idea into the minds of your readers. Why else would your readers be reading this right now in the middle of a dream. Think about it.”

The results of the study, due to be published in New Scientist magazine this week, send one million pounds to PO Box 773218, are likely to prove controversial in both scientific and philosophical circles.

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