William Shatner Wins ‘Funniest Name of the Year’ Award

William Shatner, the actor famous for portraying Captain Kirk in the original Star Trek television series, has been given an award for having the funniest name.

Runners up included actor Chris Pratt, former Member of Parliament Ed Balls and Chinese celebrity chef, Saiyuud Diwong Poo.

Organiser of the yearly award, Kash Register, said, “we decided on William this year because his name is very amusing, but in a subtle way.”

Willie Stroker, one of the contest’s six judges

Fellow judge, Moe Lester, agreed with the decision. “Bill deserves it. We’ve often put his name in the hat and this year we decided it was his time to shine.”

Critics of the award, which last year was won by lieutenant Les McBurney of the Sun Prairie Fire Department, and the year previously by former American congressman Dick Swett, say the choice of winner has gone downhill lately.

Former winner, Lieutenant Les McBurney

Gay Saylor, a one-time fan of the awards, said, “the name Shatner isn’t even that funny. I think the judges are running out of people with genuinely funny names. I’m hoping for better next year.”

Others say the contest is puerile and should be scrapped altogether. “This is gutter level humour, both infantile and deeply unfunny,” Sirius Bonner, an academic from Portland Oregon said of the awards. “Although, having said that, I did grow up with a mate called Jack Goff. We teased him mercilessly and it was mildly amusing.”

Dick Swett – 2018 champion

Of the award, William Shatner said, “I’m very honoured. I’m aware I have a funny name but I’ve never had any formal recognition of the fact. The award will look great on the mantelpiece.”

Shatner’s long time girlfriend, Dixie Normous, was less happy about the award. “It’s a bit ugly. But it’s a nice accolade. I’m sure we’ll find a home for it somewhere.”

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