Woman Auctions off her Jugs for £3 Million

Alice Ellis, a 23 year old model from Chorley, became a triple millionaire today after two large antique jugs which, she said, had been gathering dust on a shelf for years in her grandmother’s house, fetched a staggering £3 million at Sothebys.

Ellis, who recently lost her job as a result of the Coronavirus, inherited the enormous pair of 15th century jugs when her grandmother died last year.

Alice Ellis who inherited the antiques from her late grandmother

“I went to a local antique dealer and when I got my jugs out his eyes nearly popped out of his head,” Ellis told the Daily Shunt. “He asked me if he could touch them and once I gave him permission he couldn’t keep his hands off them. He said they were the most spectacular pair he’d ever come across in his life and recommended I take them to a professional valuer.”


The jugs, thought to originate from the Russian Rurik Dynasty and sumptuously decorated in birds, fruit and flowers, were immediately identified as being ‘extraordinarily rare and valuable’ by Sothebys.

Auctioneer, Harry Stables, said, “the decorative features will be particularly alluring to any buyer who is not only a fan of enormous jugs, but also enjoys 15th century depictions of tits and melons.”

One of the Rurik Dynasty jugs auctioned by Sothebys

When asked what she intends to do with her windfall, Ellis said, “the first thing I’m going to do is get myself a massive pair of breasts. I’ve always been very flat chested but couldn’t afford the surgery until now.”

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