Man-Like ‘Beast of Barnstaple’ Spotted Twice in One Week

The creature locals are calling The Beast of Barnstaple has been sighted for a second time in the same week by eye witnesses.

The beast, said to be around five and a half feet tall, with two legs, two arms, a head and face, was clad in what terrified witnesses described as ‘some kind of clothing’ as it walked along a deserted road near the Fort Hill area of Barnstaple.

Becky Glave and her boyfriend Jordan Knight, who claimed to be looking out of their window when the beast walked by, said, “this creature wandered into view. We have no idea what it was but it looked to be man-shaped, with dark hair, a nose, two eyes and two ears.”

Becky Glave and Jordan Knight – ‘hid under the bed’

“It had a strange bushy growth under its nose and this growth also grew all over its chin and up the sides of its face. We were both terrified out of our wits and hid under the bed.”

Local police investigating the sightings said they found nothing to indicate the presence of a monstrous entity in the Fort Hill region, but did notice suspicious man-shaped footprints along the road which they could not explain.

Gary Turnbull, a local landlord who claimed to see the creature as it walked past his pub, deepened the mystery when he said, “it wasn’t alone, this thing. It had a smaller creature on some kind of tether.”

Landlord Gary Turnbull’s sketch of the monsters – note the unusually slender arms, legs and body and malformed hands

Turnbull described the first creature as the ‘alien master’ and the second ‘xenomorphic slave’ as having ‘four legs, covered in black and white fur and with an elongated snout’. “It sniffed around as though searching for something, then lifted its back limb and ejected a stream of what I believe was yellow alien acid all over the base of a lamp-post.”

Local authorities called for calm today, saying that the so-called Beast of Barnstaple is likely to be nothing more than a common-or-garden house cat or badger.

Councillor Thomas Gibson said, “people are going a bit stir crazy with this Coronavirus lock down and seeing things that aren’t there. Last week we had a call about a werewolf stalking the Herton area and it turned out to be a banana.”

Cryptozoologist Ken Stir, a renowned figure in the mysterious world of mythical beings and a seasoned UFOlogist, was less sceptical.

“There’s always been a long history of strange sightings in Barnstaple. At the turn of the 20th century locals reported seeing a very similar creature which they described as ‘humanoid, with human-like-features and legs and arms not unlike those of a human.”

A professional artist’s impression of the Beast of Barnstaple based on descriptions given by eye witnesses Becky Glave and Jordan Knight

“Perhaps most astonishing – this bizarre creature was also accompanied by some kind of familiar, or pet, which it kept restrained at the end of a leash-like extension.’

Stir went on to say, “I’m a scientist but even I can’t give you a rational explanation for any of this. Some things in this world simply cannot be reasoned away with logic or science. We may never uncover the truth, and that is the very best kind of mystery.”

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