Divers Who Find No Sign of Ice in Wreck of Titanic ask ‘Was There Ever an Iceberg?’

Conspiracy theorists who dived to investigate the wreck of the Titanic have revealed that the official story may be a fabrication and that even the existence of the Titanic may be a lie.

The dive, paid for by crowd-funders who raised an impressive $7,670,000 on Kickstarter, was undertaken by Trevor Allis and five deep sea divers, all of whom claim the Titanic story is a myth.

According to official sources, RMS Titanic sank on 15th April 1912 in the North Atlantic Ocean, four days into a maiden voyage from Southampton to New York. The disaster resulted in the deaths of more than 1,500 passengers.

Allis, who refutes the official story, focused his search in the Pacific Ocean, describing the course described by newspapers of the time as ‘nonsensical’ and ‘flawed’.

“If the Titanic left from New York, as claimed,” Allis said, “why isn’t there a statue or something of the Titanic in New York, or at least some kind of memorial in Central Park?”

The Titanic disaster, in which actor Leonardo DiCaprio tragically lost his life

“Anyway, we found no signs of ice in the wreckage,” Allis stated in an interview with the New York Times. “If the Titanic hit an iceberg, why no ice?”

But this wasn’t the only revelation resulting from the dive. Allis also claims his team found no signs of the Titanic itself.

The expedition involved a six day voyage performed under a shroud of secrecy.

“We set off in the dead of night,” Allis explained. “We were tipped off that the Rockerfellers and Rothschilds were going to shoot our boat with a torpedo so we had to be extra careful.”

A rare photograph of the Titanic disaster taken by a survivor

“We berthed the ship in a top secret location too so that we wouldn’t be assassinated before we could reveal our findings. So there’s no point in anyone looking for it.”

Speaking from a state of the art Malibu beach house while sipping champagne, Allis described the moment he and his team discovered both evidence of the iceberg and the wreck were missing.

“There was nothing down there. Just fish and a lot of water. There’s no denying the facts. The Titanic never sank and, if it did, it certainly never hit an iceberg.”

Those who funded the Kickstarter claim the results of the dive are incontrovertible proof that the Titanic never existed.

James Fry, who donated $15,000 of his life savings to the project said “the Titanic was invented by the New World Order so that the company who owned the vessel – White Star Lines – could claim the insurance.”

“If you spell White Star Lines backwards you get Senil Rats Etihw, which on the face of it makes no sense. But if you rearrange the letters (and add a few) you get ‘The Titanic Never Existedwsal’.”


John F McIntyre, who sold his house and car to raise $128,800 for the expedition, said, “the Pacific Ocean is too warm for icebergs. This alone is the smoking gun we’ve been looking for.”

Jeff Newbury, a member of the expedition who recently moved out of his rundown Brooklyn neighbourhood and into a brand new Florida mansion in an attempt to throw ‘the New World order off my scent’ said:

“Those who funded this project should not contact me or anyone else involved. Doing so could implicate them and could be very dangerous. We’ve been followed by agents working for the globalists and we all fear for our lives.”

Allis echoed this statement, saying that he and his team appreciated the efforts of crowd-funders but insisted there should be no further attempts made to contact him or his fellow divers or to find out the name of the vessel used for the expedition.

“We need to lie low now and try to make sense of this puzzle. We can’t thank those free thinkers in the conspiracy theory community enough for their help, but now is not the time to ask questions. We just want the truth to come out.”

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