UK Government Relax Lock Down – Say Economy Can Now Go Outside and Play

The British government have announced a widespread relaxation of lock down rules and guidance as they claim the Coronavirus infection curve has flattened.

Despite science and statistics contradicting this claim and regardless of alarms being raised by prominent scientific advisers, the government insist the virus has been tamed.

Yesterday, a government senior adviser, Professor Jonathan Stafford Nguyen Van-Tam MBE (a specialist in influenza, epidemiology, transmission, vaccinology, antiviral drugs and pandemic preparedness), warned that the danger has not passed.

Matt Hancock then announced that previously vulnerable and shielded persons can leave their homes and go outside, prompting condemnation from scientists and medical experts.

Professor Garn Vyas, a specialist in virology at the Indian Institute of Science, said, “the infection curve is going down, but hasn’t flattened. Even if the curve was flat, celebration at this stage would be ingenuous. The virus is still there. It hasn’t gone away. It won’t magically vanish.”

Vyas gave a stark warning, “since the pandemic began the virus has mutated several times. It’s learning and adapting. A second wave is likely to be more virulent than the first.”

On the subject of the UK government’s most recent approach to relaxing lock down, Vyas said “the British government seems to be advising its citizens to sleepwalk into a disaster in which thousands of people who are currently alive could potentially lose their lives.”

According to the government’s own guidance, the country is currently at Covid Alert Level 4 (the virus is not contained).

However, the government have now begun implementing measures for a Covid Alert Level of between 2 and 1 (with 1 only being applicable when a vaccine is available) as they enact plans to reopen schools, shops and sporting events and relax shielding of the vulnerable.

Political analyst Dave Halpin explained, “the government are pushing their herd immunity strategy in all but name. They’re not even taking great pains to hide it anymore. After the Cummings scandal, I think they realised they can, at this stage, do whatever they want and get away with it.”

“We’re seeing the political equivalent of a petulant child pushing the envelope to see how far it can go before the parents will snap. Luckily for the British government, the parents in this instance are largely apathetic, exhausted by the hardships of lock down and in no position to send Boris and his chums to the naughty step.”

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