June Keeps up 2020 Standards – Gives us Zombie Outbreak in UK

June has officially broken, ending the longest month of May in living memory. The British public woke this morning wondering what new horror the month may have in store, only to find a zombie apocalypse has broken out in the UK.

As thousands of mindless, shambling zombies flocked to beaches, parks and other tourist hot-spots, moaning ‘no brainssss‘ preppers up and down the country prepared to lock, load and protect themselves against this latest threat.

A lemming, known for following the crowd and plunging over cliffs at popular tourist destinations such as Durdle Door in Dorset

As mobs of shuffling brain-dead emerged blinking into the sunlight under the impression that lock down has ended and we are now safe to congregate in vast numbers, A leading scientist in Global Health warned that a spike in the UK is now inevitable.

Professor Devi Sridhar, a Rhodes Scholar, Personal Chair in Global Public Health at the University of Edinburgh and Founding Director of the Global Health Governance Programme, said on ITV this morning:

“We have a long way to go with this outbreak. I think right now there’s a real need for a reality check of where we are.”


The government have been subtly and prematurely easing lock down since the Dominic Cummings scandal broke, playing on a mood of general dissatisfaction to reopen the economy.

As of today, schools are officially open for business; up to six people may meet outside; and those who have been shielded are now free to go outside. The government have already foreshadowed plans to allow sports fixtures, reopen shops and ease restrictions on pubs and restaurants.

Meanwhile the lies and disinformation on tests, public contact and tracing programmes and death toll data accuracy continue.

Boris Johnson – hears what he wants, says what he likes and likes what he says

The policy of lie-don’t-let-on in an effort to evade culpability began in March when the pandemic first emerged as a real threat to British public health. The Prime Minister led the damage-limitation policy of lie, lie, lie, saying:

““Let’s not forget, we already have a fantastic NHS, fantastic testing systems and fantastic surveillance of the spread of disease.”

In fact, at this stage the NHS was desperately underfunded following the Tory ten year austerity program and a systematic attempt to privatise the country’s most successful socialist experiment. Testing and surveillance systems, meanwhile, were non-existent.


2016’s Operation Cygnus, which simulated the outbreak of a pandemic in Britain in order to test the preparedness of both the NHS and a government response, revealed that there was no framework either in government or the public health service that would cope.

Cygnus revealed that the NHS would collapse and that existing mechanisms designed to manage scientific and social issues arising from a pandemic were woefully inadequate.

While SAGE advisers have managed to get through to the government (their advice along with public pressure is the only reason the country ever entered lock down in the first place) the lies and misinformation from official sources has continued unabated.

Dave Halpin, a political analyst and journalist, said, “the government see Coronavirus not as a sociological or public health issue, but as a potential PR disaster and a blow to the economy.”


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