Woman Who Bought Dominic Cummings’ Resignation on Wish Still Waiting

Margaret Hastings, a 32 year old teacher from Somerset, said she bought a Dominic Cummings resignation on Wish and is still waiting for delivery nearly two weeks on.

The story of Cummings, who scandalously breached the lock down rules he helped to write by driving 250 miles while infected with the Coronavirus and who then put his own child at risk by driving a further 40 miles to ‘test his eyesight’, has been steadily dropping off the media radar.

But popular shopping channel Wish recently listed the political adviser’s resignation in its Facebook ads, with many bargain hunters quick to snap up the offer.


Hastings, who numbers among many who quickly ordered the item, says she’s been waiting for two weeks and there’s still no sign of the resignation.

“I always thought Cummings was an absolute state, so when I saw this on Wish I grabbed it while I could. At the same time I bought a Nelson Mandella incense holder, a toddler’s first colonoscopy set, an umbrella hat and a vinyl wall decal of an Asian businessman”.

“However, it’s now been two weeks and I’m starting to wonder if all this stuff is coming from China or something.”

Wish, which often fails to deliver the items it purports to sell, was unavailable for comment today but did respond to our request for information about postal delays by sending us coupons for a Deadpool cake decoration and 10% off a Hentai figurine being raped by Cthulhu.

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