Boris Johnson Says ‘Britain Not Racist’ And ‘Fully Supports Picaninnies’

UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson – who in the past has referred to black people as ‘picaninnies with watermelon smiles’ and who once wrote at length about the backwards nature of African culture – today insisted that Britain was ‘not a racist country’.

Johnson, whose government in recent decades has imposed a ‘Hostile Environment’ agenda on black British citizens, depriving them of housing, benefits, employment and access to medical treatment, made the claim in the wake of Black Lives Matters protests in the capital.

The British government – who attempted to impose a massive surcharge on foreign NHS workers as recently as last month – were quick to denounce the vandalism of Edward Colston’s statue, a memorial to the Bristolian slave trader who tortured, murdered and deported hundreds of thousands of African slaves.

However, the Prime Minister then reassured the nation that the government are not racist in the slightest.

Johnson has said he understands the frustrations of BLM protesters, but cannot agree with them that black lives matter.

Boris Johnson – who has described Muslim women as ‘burka-wearing letter boxes’ and who paid tribute during his 2019 election campaign to a statue of Nancy Astor, a racist who claimed Adolf Hitler’s extermination of the Jews was a ‘welcome solution’ – said that he had no doubt that discrimination and racism existed in the UK, but that the UK was not discriminatory or racist.

The British premier – who once told a room full of African Americans that they should be ‘grateful’ for slavery, and who said of an inquiry into the murder of British black teenager Stephen Lawrence that it was the ‘product of an anti-racism industry’ – insisted that he was ‘absolutely committed to continuing efforts to stamp out racism and discrimination.’


A Number 10 insider – who was coincidentally present during Boris Johnson’s tour of Shwedagon in Myanmar when the Prime Minister recited an ode to British colonialism in a sacred Buddhist temple – said:

“The Prime Minister recognises that racism exists in Britain, but refuses to agree with BLM protesters that racism exists in Britain and, therefore, sees no justification for these protests.”

Johnson – who was one of the most vociferous supporters of the 2016 nationalist call for Britain to exit the European Union, routinely socialised with high profile members of the English Defence League and ‘lallygagged’ with proven racists like Nigel Farage and subversive thugs like Aaron Banks – said the peaceful Black Lives Matter protests had been ‘subverted by thuggery’.


The Prime Minister – who introduced warrantless police ‘stop and search’ orders against black citizens during his time as London Mayor – said today:

“Of course black lives matter. I totally understand the anger many people are feeling, not just in America but around the world, and in our country as well.”

Johnson then went on to add that despite his empathy and understanding, he could ‘not agree with the cause of protesters’ for their unjustified insinuation that black lives matter.

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