Government Warns Government it Could Face ‘Education Poverty Epidemic’

Today the British government called on the British government to consider radical measures to help pupils lagging behind after missing up to six months of education.

Conservative MPs – including former education ministers Robert Halfon and Tim Loughton – said the government (of which they are a part) should do more to help pupils lagging behind after missing up to half a year of education.

Halfon warned of an “epidemic of educational poverty” after his government’s plan to reopen schools in June had to be reversed.


The government realised that teachers and parents were right all along when they discovered that forcing children to socially distance was impractical, if not impossible and that sorting pupils into groups of 15 was impractical, if not impossible.

Meanwhile, education secretary, Gavin Williamson said, “we would like to see schools that have the capacity to bring back more children to do so before the summer holidays.”

He went on to place the onus on retired and disillusioned teachers who have already quit the profession over impractical pay and impossible workload by asking them to return and do their bit.

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