Country’s Most Successful Woman Told by Men Who Are Women ‘Don’t Talk About Women’

J K Rowling, arguably the country’s most successful woman and the author of the hugely popular Harry Potter books, was this week told by men who are women and women who are men that her Twitter comment about women was ill-informed.

Rowling, an iconic author and champion of feminism in an industry dominated by men, made the gaff when she talked about women on Twitter this week. People who are not women or people who wish they weren’t women were deeply offended, leading to a backlash across social media.

Emma Watson – a feminist – denounced Rowling’s Tweet about women existing

Online pro-trans activist Greta Moonshine wrote on her Twitter feed, “Rowling is not a woman and so she shouldn’t speak out about women. I have female genitalia, but I consider myself an a-gender and an oppressor of men who don’t have a front bottom or chesticles but wish that they did.”

When asked to explain how Moonshine could assert that Rowling was not a woman, she replied, “because there are no genders, only those genders with which we identify, but only if they are not the genders we were born with, except that those genders are not based on real genders because there are no genders.”


Alan Cresswell, who identifies as a man in a transgender woman’s body and who has been campaigning for years for the right to have his manhood removed, replaced by a vagina, then replaced by a penis again so that he can finally ‘be himself’, said:

“It’s disgusting that someone who has no idea what it means to be a woman (when you’re not a woman on the outside) should dare to give an opinion on what it means to be a woman. There is no ‘woman’ anyway. There is only identity. She clearly identifies as a total bitch and I’d like to cast the Cruciatis Curse on her.”

Woke social media justice warriors and ardent Harry Potter fans were this week torn in two different directions as they struggled to choose a side.


Becca Lane, a highly woke pro-trans feminist who has always been vocal about women’s rights and equality in the workplace and has read Harry Potter five hundred times, said, “this is a tough one. It’s very difficult to elevate yourself above the other wokes because both have the moral high ground.”

“On the one hand, trans people deserve to be respected and their rights as a minority taken into consideration. On the other hand, Rowling has done a huge amount for feminism in this country and her rebuttal against the outrage is that she is a woman persistently undermined by men.”

Rowling responded to the abuse and death threats today, saying that her father wanted a boy and was disappointed Rowling was a girl. She went on to say that, had trans-surgery been an option when she was young, she might have chosen to become a man, but suggested she might have come to regret that decision later.

Many fans are now wondering if ‘half blood prince’ was a pro-royalist slur against dual heritage people

The outspoken left-wing author also spoke about the sexual and domestic abuse she suffered at the hands of a previous partner, painting the grim and yet simultaneously inspiring picture of a woman rising to the top despite male privilege.

Moonshine disagreed, saying, “she may be a champion of women, but she’s not a champion of people who aren’t women but want to be or women who are women but don’t want to be.”


The Rowling story comes at the same time as Stephen Yoe, a 32 year old white builder from Dorset, yesterday announced he now identified as black. During a march for Black Lives Matter, Yoe told an reporter interviewing protesters, “I am not a white man supporting a black cause. I am black. I may look white on the outside, but I feel black on the inside.”

Jim Kegsworth, a black protester who overheard the comment and almost came to blows with Yoe was today denounced on social media as a trans-racist.

Greta Moonshine, who has been campaigning for trans-racial surgery and who identifies as Chinese despite being at least 85% Welsh, said on her Twitter feed, “Kegsworth isn’t black so how would he know what it’s like to be a white man who wants to be black?”

When Moonshine was challenged to explain her assertion that Kegsworth ‘isn’t black’, she responded, “there is no race. We are all equal and all the same. Just people. It isn’t what’s on the outside that makes you black or white or Chinese or part Slovakian, it’s what you feel like inside.”

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