Black BLM Protesters Tell White Wokes ‘Thanks, But We’ve Got This’

Black Brit BLM protesters have politely asked woke white people to stop helping now, saying ‘thanks for the well-meaning support, but we can take it from here.’

Jerome Sidney, a black Londoner who attended last week’s protests said, “even black BLM campaigners are losing sight of what’s important. We didn’t start this to go to war with the English Defence League or scrap on the streets of London with Millwall fans.”

“We started this because we don’t want to be the constant target of police, constantly turned down for work because of the colour of our skin or restricted in our career choices, forced to live in poverty or sectioned off into impoverished parts of town. We don’t want white people to assume we’re all drug dealers or running in gangs.”

1, 2, 3, 4 let’s all have a race war – BLM demonstrators say this isn’t what they wanted

“At the bottom of a very long list, we don’t want white people with the very nicest of intentions subverting our cause to make themselves feel better. March with us, chant with us, be the change you want to see and we want to see, but for fuck’s sake, leave the statues thing alone.”

As the woke whites or WW as they refer to themselves, shifted the focus of BLM from a call for racial equality to whether or not some statues are inherently racist and whether right wing whites are worse than left wing whites, Black Brits said they appreciated the offer of help, but were probably capable of directing the movement on their own from now on.

The shift in focus began with the toppling of white supremacist and slave trader Edward Colston in Bristol on 7th June. The media immediately fired up division by turning their attention to this event along with the vandalism of other monuments around the country during similar BLM protests.


Shirley Bassey, one of many white protesters who jumped up and down on the statue then monkey-howled as the object was hurled into the river Avon, defended her part in the event saying:

“I live in Bristol, a city founded on 800 years of slave trading, and feel a deep sense of shame and guilt. Toppling this hideous statue made me feel much better and I can now hold my head up high, pat myself on the back and say for certain that I’m not racist.”

Meanwhile, Derek White, a black man who lives in the St Paul’s area of Bristol said:

“Honestly, right, we really don’t care about Colston or white people freeing themselves from guilt. BLM is about racial equality. It’s a simple message. We don’t want an apology for what happened hundreds of bloody years ago. We want change now. Change that will actually have a positive impact on our lives. That’s it. That’s the message.”

Wokeness is the leading cause of pigeons having nowhere to perch in Bristol

Woke whites have been accused of taking on the BLM cause then missing the core point altogether, diluting the original driving force behind the movement and subverting it toward less important topics.

White explained, “it’s just another kind of white privilege. You guys don’t live our lives so you don’t see it. So you think it’s all about metaphors and subtle social gestures like throwing down statues. We need real change.”

White referred to statistics which show that black people in Britain are 40 times more likely to be stopped and searched by police and three times more likely to be murder victims. “But it doesn’t just stop there, racial discrimination is demonstrable across all ethnic minorities” White said.


“24.6 per cent of Indian people, 39.9 per cent of black people and 43.9 per cent of Pakistani and Bangladeshi people live in poverty in this country. Poverty rates for children living in a black or ethnic minority family are 50 percent. Let that sink in.”

As far right thugs descended on London yesterday to defend statues and memorials from vandalism during the BLM protests planned for this weekend, the focus of the Black Lives Matter campaign once again took a seismic shift away from the original issue, this time turning to the subject of violence and the role the government have played in pandering to the ‘rise of the right’.

“It’s the blame game with no end,” White said. “Instead of asking how things can change, people ask, who is to blame? Instead of saying, yes there are huge inequality issues, let’s address them, people say, I’m not racist, are you? Because if you are, I’m better than you.”

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