Daily Mail Shocked by Far Right – Claim They Didn’t Know People Read Their Paper

The Daily Mail, who asked in their Sunday edition ‘what has become of our country’, were shocked and horrified today to discover that people have actually been reading their paper and listening to their endless diatribe of racism, nationalism and rabble-rousing.

Butter wouldn’t melt – the Daily Mail were shocked by the culture they helped to create on Sunday

Mail on Sunday editor, Geordie Greig allegedly told fellow journalists that he was appalled that the Daily Mail had a readership.

“I thought we were just doing this for a laugh. If I knew people actually bought the utter drivel we write I never would have written it. Well. No. That’s not true. I would still have written it, but people should really be ashamed for thinking any of it is in any way true.”

The Daily Mail, often referred to as The Daily Fail for its tendency to get facts wrong, misquote, lie and generally invent the news to fit a hard right agenda, has been a mouthpiece for racism since World War 2 when the newspaper declared its support for fascism.

An article by Lord Rothermere, founder of the Daily Mail who referred to Hitler as ‘Adolf the Great’

Intrinsic racism and fascism, dressed up as populist nationalism, have been cornerstones of the Daily Mail since Harold Harmsworth (Viscount Rothermere), a close friend of Adolf Hitler, first founded the newspaper with his brother Alfred in 1914.

In 1932 the newspaper became a member of the British Union of Fascists (BUF), established by renowned racist of the time, Oswald Mosley. Prominent members of the BUF were arrested and imprisoned in 1940 when the group was disbanded.

Business analyst John Heckle said, “Harmsworth’s toxic nationalism remained an influence on the newspaper for decades, even after his death, and that legacy is still an endemic part of the Daily Mail’s structure. Today the paper is owned by Daily Mail and General Trust (DMGT), of which DMG Media is merely a division.”


“This multinational corporation isn’t just a media empire. In fact only a small part of its daily operation involves the media. DMGT is involved primarily in risk management solutions, finance and investments. Its media assets serve these core ventures.”

“The political affiliations and agendas of DMG media do not serve the public interest but the pockets of extraordinarily wealthy business owners. DMGT represents the cream of the elite in terms of financial power. They and the private sector-centric Conservative government are in a symbiotic relationship based on mutual benefits.”

“The Tories have social agendas they wish to pursue and, in return for complicity in the press, offer unconditional allegiance to the multinational private sector and financial markets. When you see Boris declaring himself to be the Superman of Capitalism, he’s talking to the CEOs of DMGT, not the rest of us.”


“The media, under vastly wealthy umbrella corporations like DMGT, provide a platform for Conservative narratives and, where necessary, attack their competitors. This is clearly evident in the protracted media campaign against Jeremy Corbyn during the run up to the 2019 general election.”

The Daily Mail today denied all of this, claiming that the funds for their newspaper business comes from selling lemonade on street corners and searching for spare change ‘down the back of the sofa’.

“We’re a charity if anything,” a Daily Mail reporter explained, “we do this out of the kindness of our hearts. But it was a bit alarming to realise our readership has gone above the odd one or two. In a way it’s heartening to know our little paper has made a dent, but I would advise against taking what we say too seriously. We make most of it up when we’re drunk.”

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