Raab Says He Only Takes One Knee for Wife or Queen and Only Takes Both for Boris

Dominic Raab has been slated on social media for proudly announcing that he will only ‘take a knee’ for two people, his wife (when he proposed) and the Queen.

Taking a knee has become a symbolic gesture synonymous with the Black Lives Matter movement and started when black athletes chose to take a knee during the American national anthem at sports fixtures.

But in a radio interview today in which Raab and his interviewer laughed at the prospect of him making such a gesture, Raab said taking a knee came from Game of Thrones and to him ‘feels more like a symbol of subjugation’.

He stopped short of saying that when the Black Panthers raised a fist into the air, they were merely four fingers and a thumb short of a Nazi salute.


In a week when the government have consistently leap-frogged from one public relations disaster to another, Raab’s comments added to fuel to the fire and seemed to confirm what most in the media already know – that the Conservative party is institutionally and irrevocably racist.

The PR circus began at the beginning of the week when Prime Minister Boris Johnson was forced to make a U-Turn on plans to scrap free school meals for children during the summer holidays.

Footballer, Marcus Rashford, campaigned against the decision and received such overwhelming support that the PM had little choice but to renege. Johnson then stated brazenly during PMQs on Wednesday that he knew nothing of Rashford’s campaign.

Marcus Rashford whose campaign proved that one man can make a difference

The declaration was met with derision from almost every quarter except Johnson’s own cheerleading squad of cabinet ministers and back benchers. Political analyst Dave Halpin said,

“If Boris did know about the Rashford campaign (and honestly, how could he not?), it just goes to show what a compulsive and unashamed bullshitter he is.”

“On the other hand, if he didn’t know and was, as he claims, merely reversing a decision with which he didn’t agree, that suggests Boris is allowing senior aides free reign to invent policy on the hoof without his knowledge. Neither paints the leader of our country in a particularly good light.”

Matt Hancock then deepened the government’s embarrassment when he appeared on television the following day and referred to the Manchester United star as Daniel Rashford, a mash-up, it would appear, of Daniel Radcliffe and Marcus Rashford.

Hancock – putting his size 10 clod hoppers well and truly in the shit at every opportunity

Hancock was also centre stage in the second fubar of the week when his department were forced to announce that the infamous ‘world beating’ Track & Trace app destined to be released across the country would now not be ready until September. This delay was then extended to ‘the winter’ and finally, today, the entire project was scrapped.

The government will now be using the Google track & trace system which has proven success in countries across the world, along with much more stringent security over personal information.

A poll conducted by the Open Knowledge Foundation found that ‘an overwhelming majority’ of Brits want any contact-tracing app to protect civil liberties and people’s privacy as well as offering a solution to the virus crisis.


Dominic Cummings, whose bezzie-mate Ben Warner is the brother of Marc Warner, lead developer on the app, will likely be devastated to discover that the project is now to be dropped. Insiders reveal that Cummings had already picked out a nice shiny yacht which he intended to buy with proceeds from flogging the personal details of millions to the highest bidder.

Raab’s deeply unsettling and thoughtless remarks today hammer yet another nail into the coffin of the Conservative party whose seams have been coming steadily apart since the Coronavirus outbreak began.

Boris Johnson now enjoys the title of ‘least popular leader in the world’ after statistical analysis showed him to have a negative popularity rating. The UK has the highest death rate from Covid-19 in Europe and medical and scientific advisers appear to be unanimous in their condemnation of the government’s decision to ease lock down early.


Johnson, who once referred to himself as a ‘Superman of Capitalism’ and claimed that the bungling mayor out of the Jaws movie was his personal hero, has failed to protect his own country from the virus and at the same time has failed to save the economy.

By denouncing the actions of bald headed gammons at the weekend’s ‘far right protests’ he appeared to actively turn on the very people who were instrumental in his 2019 election victory, while his refusal to get behind BLM and his previous bigotted rhetoric on minorities paints him as apathetic to and even complicit in endemic inequality.

It seems that the UK premier is a friend to no one but himself and those who toady at his side and drop to their knees in worship of his lofty position.

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