Boris Set to Walk Away From EU Talks as Human Rights Not Really His Cup of Tea

Boris Johnson is expected to consider walking away from talks with the EU over the UK’s Brexit divorce this week after the European Union demanded Britain continue to observe laws governing human rights.

President of the European Commission and ‘foreign sort with a funny sounding name’, Ursula von der Leyen said on Friday, “no one can say with certainty where negotiations will be at the end of this year, but I know for sure that we will have done everything to reach an agreement.”

An EU and UK Brexit negotiations insider told the British press: “We simply had a more constructive discussion of the reality of our commitment to human rights law.”

“We come from different positions on this.”

Human rights – an irritant that gets in the way of ‘taking back control’

The position in question is Britain’s pesky commitment to existing human rights laws which the European Union insist the UK should continue to honour despite Brexit.

However, doing so would greatly disrupt the current Tory government’s intention to re-write domestic human rights based on its own ideas of what a human right is and whether or not such things impinge on their free reign to do what they want, when they want and to whom.


Political analyst Dave Halpin said, “Boris wants to dilute human rights because all those niggling EU laws get in the way of his plans to subjugate the population of this country. If this red line is not removed from negotiations – and it won’t be – talks will almost certainly come to an end before time. Which is fine with our government. But should be a major red flag for the rest of us.”

“This crosses party lines because we’re all human. Whether you’re right or left or somewhere in between, a disengagement from laws designed to keep us safe from an unethical government allows said government to remove the wall between us and them one brick at a time.”


The government insider said, “clearly there’s still a big, big difference on this question of our domestic legislation [over human rights] and our right to evolve it.”

Halpin said, “that word ‘evolve’. Watch that word. It’s a slippery one.”

Financial penalties can currently be imposed on nations that infringe on the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) as set out by the European Court of Justice (ECJ). Severing the UK’s commitment to the ECHR would place the matter of human rights into the hands of Westminster legislators.


Halpin said, “stepping back from the ECHR is simply the first stage. The government will then (or simultaneously) remove legal restrictions on legislation. As soon as legislation trumps the courts, a Prime Minister is free to implement whatever law they want, even laws that change current democratic processes.”

“The Prime Minister – by which, I mean Cummings – knows that if you drop a frog in boiling water it jumps out. Put a frog in cold water and slowly turn up the heat, however, and the frog just sits there and dies. People need to be vigilant to these piecemeal erosions. Saying ‘it couldn’t happen here’ is just frog talk. We’re already in the pan and Cummings has his hand on the dial, ready to turn up the heat.”

A UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights expressed “serious concerns” in 2019 about inequality in the UK following six years of austerity imposed by the Conservative Government and the preceding Coalition.


Using evidence provided by charities and campaign groups, the UN concluded that policies such as universal credit and the ‘bedroom tax’ breached the UK’s international human rights obligations.

Such precedents reveal the current government’s wanton disregard for human rights and its willingness to dismiss international and EU laws if they clash with political agendas.

Dominic Cummings has called for a public referendum on the matter of ECHR, though the government are yet to confirm such a referendum will take place.

“Another Satanic move on Cummings’ part,” Dave Halpin explained, “if we vote to drop human rights, it’s our fault when the government clamp our testicles to a battery not theirs. This is the Brexit template.”


“A government perceived to be upholding the ‘will of the people’ when in fact the people are mere patsies. A referendum will only take place if Cummings and co. are confident the British public will cut their own throats.”

“At present, Tory popularity is at an all time low and Boris himself has one of the lowest approval ratings of any leader anywhere in the world. If a referendum is on the cards, we’ll see a concerted public relations frenzy from the Tories beforehand. A big red bus covered in lies may not cut it this time around.”

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