Youtube’s ‘Pewdiepie’ Admits Covid-19 is the Greatest Social Influenza of 2020

Felix Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie – a Swedish social media influencer who boasts 80.6 million followers on Youtube – has admitted that, while he remains the most watched star on the online video platform, he cannot beat Covid-19 when it comes to social influence.

Kjellberg, who has been criticized for creating inappropriate and insensitive content and is rumoured to earn £12 million per year, said:

“Covid-19 became better known than me in a matter of 6 months and it didn’t even need to eat a Carolina Reaper chip live in its own kitchen or get shot with a beanbag rifle at point blank. Well, that’s all from me guys, don’t forget to like my page and drop your comments down belooooow.”

Pewdiepie talking about what life was like before he became ‘famous’

Covid-19, who soared to fame in 2020 without once tipping a bucket of ice cold water over its own head or partaking in a drunk goggle slapping contest, has been lambasted by other social influencers who feel their thunder has been stolen.

Cosplayer Elektra Shaft, who has more than 10 million followers on Instagram (almost all of them middle-aged married men), said:

“Covid-19 has grabbed everyone’s attention in 2020 and not once have I seen it squeeze its tits into an Anime school-girl costume or shove its ass provocatively at the camera lens while claiming to be an ‘artist’. Well, that’s all from me guys, don’t forget to join my Patreon if you want to see my nipples.”

Elektra Slap who definitely isn’t a glamour model but a ‘cosplay artist’

Markiplier, who contributes to society by playing video games on the internet and has 45 million followers, joined his voice to other influencers denouncing Covid-19’s stratospheric rise to fame. In his latest Youtube release he said:

“Covid-19 hasn’t even uploaded a ‘how to survive Minecraft in the first 3 days’ video – which is frankly a must-have, even if your area of expertise is just makeup or something. I’ve been busting my ass for years playing games so that people will like me and this virus just saunters in and grabs up all the attention. Well, that’s all guys, don’t forget to subscribe and like, wassup, holllllla.”


Zoe Sugg – aka Zoella – a fashion and beauty blogger from England with nearly 40 million fans across her social media channels has been particularly critical of Covid-19, saying:

“Where are the foundation videos from this asshole, that’s what I want to know? You can’t just side-step the 100 layer of clothes, Try Not to Laugh or bottle-flip challenge and go straight into mega-fame and disgusting amounts of ad revenue. I mean WTF?! Where is Covid-19’s work ethic? Anyway, guys, that’s it for now- stay frosssssssteeeee, wassssup, hollllllaaaa.”

Covid-19 appears oblivious to the controversy and continues to gain new followers by the day. Social influencer Henry Balk, a media influencer who influences people who follow social influencers, has been a fan since March and said in a tweet today:

“Covid-19 is my top influencer right now. A true global success story. From zero to hero in less time than it takes a Youtuber to click ‘skip ad’. So props, holla and big up the biggidy ziggidy for Covid-19. Follow, like and subscribe kids. You know it make sense. Wassssssssup, hollaaaaaaaaaaaaa, YOLO.”

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