Boris Johnson Told to Sort Himself Out After ‘Worst Photo Ever Taken’ Emerges

A picture of Boris Johnson which has been described as ‘the worst photograph ever taken’ has led to critics of the British Prime Minister demanding he ‘sort himself out once and for all’.

The picture, which was reportedly taken at the opening of Shadwell community play area in 2017, emerged this week and went viral on the internet.

Eye Bleach required – the photograph has been labelled ‘the most disturbing picture ever taken’

Amateur photographer, Joe Smeswick, who took the picture for a local paper said, “I took the snapshot in 2017 and was immediately horrified to my core when I saw the result. I put it on a USB memory stick, which I then hid in the shed. But somehow the picture escaped and has now found its way onto the internet.”

Most who have seen the picture say they were unable to sleep for days afterward and have called for the image to be permanently removed from the internet. Alice Garaway said, “it should be encased in concrete then buried in some kind of secret vault under the sea on another planet.”


John Mitchum who glimpsed the picture online and was unable to look away in time, said, “this photograph gave me Aids twice and all the diabetes.”

Photographer Mike Chatley, who takes pictures for a living, said, “to say this picture is nightmare fuel is an understatement. I honestly believe it might summon a demon or something if it isn’t dealt with soon.”

In the interests of mental health, the Daily Shunt includes the following image to help dilute the after effects of viewing the above photograph.

Please stare at this picture until the horror subsides

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