Dan Dare Returns to Earth to ‘Bring the Evil Mekon to Justice’

Dan Dare, the handsome laser-gun toting cosmic hero, has returned to Earth to bring universe’s most evil (and ugly) supervillain, the Mekon, to justice.

Pilot of the future, Dare, arrived in a handsome silver starship today. The square jawed hero landed on Clapham Common where he held an impromptu press conference to claim that the Mekon is once again at large on Earth and attempting to take over the galaxy.

Dare has been in rehab since 1975 suffering from ‘chin implant and lip filler addiction’

Asked where the Mekon was thought to be hiding out, Dare gave the cryptic response, “have you ever seen Dominic Cummings and the Mekon in the same place at the same time?” He then winked handsomely and rushed off to defeat the evil alien overlord.


The Mekon has been the scourge of planet Earth ever since he first appeared in the pages of the famous Eagle comic in the mid 1970s. Dare, a constant thorn in the alien archfiend’s side, has repeatedly foiled the Mekon’s plans to take over Earth and the rest of the galaxy.

When asked to describe the galaxy’s most diabolical supervillain, Eagle comic fan, Steve Hoakes said, “he has a distinctively huge cranium, a mean, pinched little face and weirdly spindly limbs.” Hoakes added, “the Mekon looks very similar, except he’s green.”

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