Breaking News: Prime Minister Lies to Cover Own Flabby Ass During PMQs

The British Prime Minister, Boris ‘I’ve Got a Bridge to Sell You’ Johnson lied during today’s Prime Ministers Questions as he denied the historic city of Leicester received only partial information about infections last week, blaming Leicester itself for this week’s ‘whack-a-mole’ lock down.

When questioned by Keir Starmer over allegations that Leicester local authorities (and other authorities up and down the country) only received Pillar 1 testing data instead of the more complete and revealing Pillar 2 data, Johnson lied, saying Starmer was incorrect and that both Pillar 1 and Pillar 2 data was being provided to all local authorities.

Starmer, who spoke with the mayor of Leicester just one day before he was contacted by Johnson, dismissed this as patently untrue, saying that the mayor made it absolutely clear he had not received the crucial information.

Throughout the session, Johnson repeatedly alluded to ‘issues’ which caused problems in implementing measures to combat the localised outbreak, placing the blame squarely on the shoulders of local authorities and the city of Leicester itself.

Suppressed data and a damning indictment of the Tory government’s cavalier approach to the danger of a ‘second wave’

Starmer went on to remind the PM that peoples’ lives and livelihoods were at risk and asked Johnson if he would publicly apologise for telling seaside regions to ‘show some guts’ following concerns that huge numbers of people were flooding beaches and inundating towns.

Last week Bournemouth declared a ‘major incident’ after beaches were swamped by visitors and the town was overwhelmed by drunken louts who attacked refuse workers. Bournemouth pier was also the scene of a stabbing in which three men were wounded.

The accusation of ‘flippancy’ prompted an ongoing smirk from Johnson followed by an ad hominem in which he accused Starmer of ‘not distinguishing himself’ with the question.

The British premier then failed to apologise or address the fact that July 4th is likely to see a widespread repeat of the Bournemouth incident.

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