Science gets all up in your face!

Closest Ever Images of Sun Reveal Sun is on Fire, Very Hot and Yellow

Shocking new footage of the sun has been captured by the Solar Orbiter, a telemetry collecting space craft currently moving between Mercury and Venus. The Solar Orbiter project, which cost $1.5 billion, has revealed astonishing data about the sun including: The sun is a great big fiery sphere of horror that would burn you up […]

Scientists Warn Amount of Sleaze Swept Under No.10 Rug Could Produce Black Hole

Scientists have warned that the unprecedented number of Tory corruption and government scandals being swept under the rug at Number 10 Downing Street could soon become so dense it may collapse in on itself and form a black hole. As the latest outrage surrounding Robert Jenrick was ‘deemed to be a closed matter’ today, scientists […]

Boris Johnson Admits Satellite Technology Goes ‘Over His Head’

Boris Johnson has admitted that the finer details of the government’s latest proposed £500 million spend on shares in a recently bankrupt satellite company went ‘over his head’ after it was revealed that OneWeb – the company behind the technology – made the ‘wrong sort of satellites’. The UK government’s investment in a satellite broadband […]