We Celebrate Boris Johnson’s Birthday by Sending One Lucky Reader to Clown School!

The Daily Shunt are celebrating our Prime Minister’s birthday by sending one lucky reader to Clown School! Sort of.

If you comment on the Facebook post associated with this article (on our Facebook page) giving us your best Boris Johnson joke you will be in with a chance to win a mind-blowingly hilarious one hour online Zoom lesson from genuine London based clown, Jon Davison.

Even if you post your joke and don’t want to win this prize, we’ll still enter you! And if you win, you’ll be obliged to attend the class because if you don’t, you’ll be making a clown angry and everyone knows angry clowns are the scaringest.

Even Pennywise attended at least one 1-hour online Zoom Clown School course!

So get japing, get your honking nose and water spraying flower ready and prepare to embark on a bright new career in politics, or as a clown – you decide which.

Before you know it, with the information you learn from Mr Davison, a professional clown who runs clown courses all year round, you’ll be appearing on Have I Got News For You and then, a few years later, will no doubt be running the country – or at least pretending to.

You will need a computer connection with a webcam and microphone and the ability to use Zoom in order to be eligible for the prize.

Good luck! And remember that there is nothing sadder than the tears of a clown, so if you don’t win or the Zoom course is a bit crap, please don’t come crying to us about it.

Offer closes midnight (UK time) 30th June 2020.

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