Doctor Who Sue Sues WHO and The Who Over Who Gets to Use Who

Doctor Who Producer Susie Liggat is allegedly preparing litigation against Roger Daltry’s rock band, The Who, and the World Health Organisation (WHO) over their use of the word ‘who’ which, she allegedly claims, is a trademark of the Doctor Who franchise.

Liggat, who produced a few episodes of Doctor Who and got to say who played who and was in charge of the crew, allegedly said she was through with The Who and the WHO using who and that litigation was way overdue.

Sue, who got herself in a stew when working on Doctor Who, today insisted the rumours weren’t true and that she would never go through with legal action against the Who or the WHO, who both, as far as she has a clue, are legally allowed to use who.

In an interview a subdued Sue, who is a Jew, practices Voodoo and currently lives in Peru, said ‘if the Who and the WHO choose to use who that’s their purview. This news is askew and hard to construe. I don’t have time to sue, I’m too busy learning the kazoo, Urdu and tennis too.”

Tom Baker, a Quaker who is now an undertaker and film maker called the Daily Shunt ‘muckrakers and trouble makers’

The BBC today agreed that they couldn’t see why others are not free to use who as who is nothing new. The BBC then guaranteed they wouldn’t be the licensee who eschew sense and pass a legal plea as copyright belongs to Jon Pertwee.

Pertwee, an amputee, who set to sea in ’73 and raced in twenty three Grand Prix, is now deceased, RIP.

Sue, who makes home brew, rides a gnu, keeps kangaroos and marabous and recently had deja vu, said ‘who is who so if The Who or WHO want who to be their go-to then who am I to disagree. As far as I can see, the BBC agree with me, they’re the main trustee and copyright nominee, so, my apologies, but this enquiry is hyperbole.”

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