Scooby Doo Gang Come Unstuck After Investigating Spooky Antarctic Mystery

Scooby Doo and the gang have reportedly met their match after attempting to investigate mysterious reports of a monster haunting an Antarctic research base.

The gang were called to the remote research facility by station officer MacReady who claimed the monster (dubbed The Thing) was scaring off his colleagues and preventing important research into climate change.

However, what began as a seemingly typical investigation soon deteriorated into a fight for survival when the gang tried to unmask the monster and wrap up their inquiry.

An artist’s impression of ‘the Thing’ which supposedly attacked the research facility being investigated by Scooby Doo, a dog, and four amateur investigators.

Velma Dinkley, bespectacled super-sleuth, said, “we started out as usual. Fred and Daphne went off to bump uglies while me, Shaggy and Scoob were separated when the monster chased us through the facility. I found an important clue while Shaggy and Scoob discovered the station’s larder and prepared a sandwich consisting of sixteen slices of bread and lots of baloney.”

“This is standard for us and a formula we’ve worked with for decades. I assumed, as usual, that the clue implicated the caretaker, Old Man Brady, though I did find it suspicious that Old Man Brady wasn’t there and the station didn’t have a caretaker.”

“In the end we settled for pointing the finger at Palmer. But when Fred tried to remove Palmer’s mask he transformed into a mutating cosmic horror, decapitating Fred and absorbing his DNA to create a monstrous Fred/Thing hybrid.”


Scooby Doo was said to be so terrified by the event that he became hysterical, bit several station employees and had to be placed temporarily in the facility kennels.

Shaggy, meanwhile, had disappeared and when Velma and Daphne finally found him he metamorphosed into a severed-head-walking-spider with eyes on stalks.

Daphne, who had armed herself by this point with a flame thrower, torched the Shaggy-thing but was apparently so traumatised by the experience she grabbed a flare gun and shot herself in the head.

“It’s just me an MacReady now,” Velma Dinkley explained in her last radio transmission. “Nobody knows who to trust anymore and we’re all very tired.”

An emergency rescue mission is underway in a joint effort between the US military and ‘Weyland-Yutani Corp’ who own the research station, but the extreme Antarctic location combined with bad weather have thus far scuppered all attempts to reach the beleagured facility.

Company coordinator, Bishop Weyland, said, “we are very concerned about Scoob and the gang. We’re sending not only a military unit but a hazmat team with a number of highly qualified scientists who suspect this may be some kind of bio-weapon leak. Scrappy Doo is leading the team.”

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